I just want replace CPU to a little more powerful, but I bought a wrong powerful CPU.

Before the replacement, my NAS used a G1840T, which a very low-end CPU, why I choose this, because I love the low TDP, just 35W, I wonder the noisy of running NAS, so I choose quiet fan and I didn't use CPU fan, just a negative cooler.

It works fine, the temperature is around 60 C, I start monitor the temperature after I setup a Gitlab on FreeNAS virtual machine, I hope setup more virtual machines on FreeNAS because I feel harder on raspberry pi-like cluster ( I use Rock64), they are ARM architecture, and I have to replace many X86 arch softwares to ARM, some of these are not supported.

I think I could replace G1840T with a same TDP CPU, so I searched on Intel, the E3-1275Lv3 is the best result, as it has nearly same TDP (+10W), and it provides more powerful performance than G1840T, more cores, etc.

But I bought a E3-1275v3, instead of the L version.

After I replaced the old CPU, I found it works fine, too! The temperature is even lower than before, I suppose the former CPU works overloaded, so it gained a little more head? Oh, I forget I have changed the airflow of case, I make the PSU fan to bottom by reversing PSU, so I think the airflow is a little more stronger than before, the PSU fan could help air go through from front to end. If I could install a CPU fan, the airflow could be better than now, hope I don't need it.

I'm preparing a new PSU and CPU fan, or I should build up a new powerful server for virtual machines!