March 6, 2016

disable horizontal scroll on MacOS

My girlfriend thought horizontal scrolling on Mac was terrible on some scenarios, Excel, AutoCAD, etc. El Capitan doesn’t support modify Trackpad and mouse setting. You may find some keys in user defaults like these: MouseHorizontalScroll in MouseHorizontalScroll in TrackpadHorizScroll in etc Maybe other OSX works fine, but on El Capitan, it doesn’t work as their name! I modified a utility for reversing vertical/horizontal scrolling to disable horizontal scrolling. Read more

August 16, 2015

checksums functions in MacOS

It’s better to calculate checksum for your downloaded files, it can make sure you download that real file from server, not from the ISP proxy server. In MacOS, you can use md5 and shasum to calculate file checksums. calculate a MD5 checksum md5 calculate a SHA-1 checksum shasum -a 1 calcuate a SHA-256 checksum shasum -a 256 Thanks for here

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