March 3, 2016

Some critical changlog of wechat mp


I found use snsapi_base can get user’s union id, but you can’t get it directly like before.

Few weeks ago, I was developing wechat web app, I found I can get user’s union id directly via get access token interface, but yesterday, I found this interface didn’t provide union id unless you use snsapi_userinfo as the scope value. So I changed scope, use snsapi_userinfo, you will get a warning when you’re authorizing on web app no matter whether you subscribed the account or not.

Now you can use snsapi_base and call get user info interface to get union id, just fill access token of user, you will get user’s basic info, and union id, this interface is very weird, even you provide an invalid open id as input you can get right result, maybe wechat only check access token argument.

I don’t know when these interfaces will be changed, and there is no any notification about changes.

web page authorization

the state param only accepts a-zA-Z0-9 characters, I stored JSON strings before, but it doesn’t support now.


snsapi_base can acquire user’s union id if the mp account had bound at Wechat Open Platform, but now, only snsapi_userinfo can do this.

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