January 7, 2015

be careful python fdopen

I have got a bug when I print something to stdout, I got Bad file descriptor, it means my stdout is a bad descriptor, what?!

Core code like this: logger.StreamHandler(os.fdopen(sys.stdout.fileno(), 'w', 0)), I want to a unbuffered stdout, so I reopen it by fdopen, and reset the buffer size to 0, I still also did same thing to stderr, but that is no sense, because of stderr is unbuffered normally(but in Python3, it maybe line buffered, in MacOS).

If your stdout is reopened by fdopen, and its reference count hits zero, it will be collected by Python GC, also your stdout will be ate by GC, something wrong will happen after that.

So, be careful with fdopen for stdin, stderr, stdin:)

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