Deploy Confluence on-premises

Bored at home, deploy Confluence.

I ordered Confluence, 10 users license only cost me $10, deploy Confluence just for practice.

I don't know Confluence is a Java product before, its hardware requirements are higher than Gitlab (Ruby), I create a 4C4G virtual machine on my NAS.


Installation is very simple, like install software on windows, always Next.


I want setup SSL for all my service at home, I registered a dedicated domain for these services (, very cheap for first year (less than $5). I have setup for my Gitlab service, so I follow same steps for Confluence.

But Confluence use Tomcat, and setup SSL on Tomcat is very difficult, I have no idea after I read some tech notes, yes the root cause is Java, too difficult.

Someone will install a Nginx or Apache web server and let it to be SSL termination, just like Nginx or Apache act as a Load Balancer or reverse proxy. I thinks it's a great approach, because SSL and Nginx works fine.

I followed this instruction, setup a Nginx as a reverse proxy, configure for request and renew SSL certificates. What I miss is configure Timeout, I got across two times 504 Gateway Timeout error, because it runs not very fast on my VM, the default timeout setting of Nginx is not enough for my circumstances. Maybe request body size should be configured, but I haven't got such error yet, I added proxy_read_timeout          600s within localtion part.