March 3, 2016

Some critical changlog of wechat mp

UPDATE: I found use snsapi_base can get user’s union id, but you can’t get it directly like before. Few weeks ago, I was developing wechat web app, I found I can get user’s union id directly via get access token interface, but yesterday, I found this interface didn’t provide union id unless you use snsapi_userinfo as the scope value. So I changed scope, use snsapi_userinfo, you will get a warning when you’re authorizing on web app no matter whether you subscribed the account or not. Read more

February 20, 2016

play wechat voice via raspberry pi

UPDATE: if you are working with personal mp wechat, you can register a test account which is full privilege, or you can register a company account(choose team, not a real company) UPDATE: mplayer plays better than omxplayer You need a wechat certificated mp account, because you need a privilege only certificated account can acquire. When I almost finished the project, I found I can’t acquire that privilege, so I can’t get the voice file from API. Read more

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