June 6, 2017

VMware Tools 启动脚本未能在虚拟机中成功运行

在Ubuntu16.04中未安装vmware tools,似乎当初安装时看到提示vmware推荐用open-vm-tools代替,于是安装了open-vm-tools,功能一切正常,除了有时从挂起状态恢复时网卡未激活,今天打算装vmware tools看是否能解决这个问题,不过安装后一切不正常(主要是全屏无法自适应),再卸载后就开始提示“VMware Tools 启动脚本未能在虚拟机中成功运行…”,几经周折,发现使用apt purge open-vm-tools后,再安装vmware tools提示推荐使用open-vm-tools了,之前安装vmware tools都不提示。再次安装open-vm-tools-desktop(这个依赖open-vm-tools),后一切正常。 升级了内核到4.4.0-78,网卡问题暂时没发现,等后续长时间测试。

March 12, 2017

enlarge ubuntu root partition in vmware

I have a ubuntu vmware guest with 30Gb root partition, but it’s not enough after restore data from production environment, so I have to enlarge it. shutdown ubuntu enlarge partition on vmware guest setting start ubuntu, it’s better use text mode sudo fdisk /dev/sda (I have only one device in ubuntu, sda) delete swap partition and root partition with d command (yes, delete all partitions) create root partition (primary partition) with n command, be careful the start selector must be as same as old root partition (default is good), end selector is the size what you want the partition be, e. Read more

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