February 23, 2016

Ubuntu Open file limit

UPDATE:If you run supervisor as root, just set minfds to right value (32K or 64K), supervisor will increase hard limit value if current value is not enough and run as root, it’s the simplest way! Several days ago, my elasticsearch came across Too Many Open files error, the straight forward way is modify ulimit conf, but today I came across this error again, so I walk a wrong way before. Read more

February 22, 2016

elasticsearch Too Many Open Files

UPDATE: I may lose some info about this issue, so I will write a new post about open file limits. It’s here. UPDATE: There are two levels in OS open files limit: http://www.chengweiyang.cn/2015/11/14/how-to-enlarge-linux-open-files-upper-cell/ As almost posts on Google, you can increase ulimit nofile limits for root or the user you use. The limits of open files means how many files one process can open, notice one process, not whole system. Read more

October 26, 2015

save red status elasticsearch

Someday when I use Kibana, I got an error all shards failed, so I look through office guide and some posts on the Internet. Maybe the memory limit results in some primary shards can not be loaded by elasticsearch. If one or all primary shards are unsigned, your elasticsearch cluster will be in red status, if all primary shards are loaded, your cluster status will be yellow, if all shards are loaded, the green status you will be get. Read more

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